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Alvarez Moret, Judit und Obermeier, Tina und Pohl, Fabian und Loeschel , Rainer und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2018) Second cancer risk after radiation therapy of ependymoma using the flattening filter free irradiation mode of a linear accelerator. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (OA-ID: 951)

Alvarez-Moret, Judith und Pohl, Fabian und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2010) Evaluation of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) with Oncentra MasterPlan® for the treatment of head and neck cancer. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 4)


Dobler, Barbara und Khemissi, Amine und Obermeier, Tina und Hautmann, Matthias G. und Katsilieri, Zaira und Kölbl, Oliver (2016) Re-irradiating spinal column metastases using IMRT and VMAT with and without flattening filter - A treatment planning study. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 627)

Dobler, Barbara und Obermeier, Tina und Hautmann, Matthias G. und Khesmissi, Amine und Koelbl, Oliver (2017) Simultaneous integrated boost therapy of carcinoma of the hypopharynx/larynx with and without flattening filter - a treatment planning and dosimetry study. BMC Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 945)

Dobler, Barbara und Weidner, Karin und Koelbl, Oliver (2010) Application of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in a dual-vendor environment. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 14)


Gröger, Christian und Hautmann, Matthias und Loeschl, Rainer und Repp, Natalia und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2013) Re-irradiation of spinal column metastases by IMRT: impact of setup errors on the dose distribution. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 284)


Haertl, Petra und et, al. (2013) Frameless fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy of intracranial lesions: impact of cone beam CT based setup correction on dose distribution. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 239)

Haimerl, Michael und Wächtler, Max und Platzek, Ivan und Müller-Wille, René und Niessen, Christoph und Hoffstetter, Patrick und Schreyer, Andreas Georg und Stroszczynski, Christian und Wiggermann, Philipp (2013) Added value of Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced Hepatobiliary phase MR imaging in evaluation of focal solid hepatic lesions. BMC Medical Imaging (OA-ID: 291)

Hautmann, Matthias und Hipp, Matthias und Koelbl, Oliver (2011) Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea in radiooncology: an underestimated problem for the feasibility of the radiooncological treatment? Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 48)

Hoegele, Wolfgang und Loeschel, Rainer und Dobler, Barbara und Koelbl, Oliver und Zygmanski, Piotr (2013) Bayesian Estimation Applied to Stochastic Localization with Constraints due to Interfaces and Boundaries. Mathematical Problems in Engineering (OA-ID: 190)


Pohl, Fabian und Hartmann, Werner und Holzmann, Thomas und Gensicke , Sandra und Kölbl, Oliver und Hautmann, Matthias G. (2014) Risk of infection due to medical interventions via central venous catheters or implantable venous access port systems at the middle port of a three-way cock: luer lock cap vs. luer access split septum system (Q-Syte). BMC Infectious Diseases (OA-ID: 338)


Reinders, Yvonne und Felthaus, Oliver und Brockhoff, Gero und Pohl, Fabian und Ahrens, Norbert und Prantl, Lukas und Haubner, Frank (2017) Impact of platelet-rich plasma on viability and proliferation in wound healing processes after external radiation. International Journal of Molecular Sciences (OA-ID: 864)


Steger, Felix und Hautmann, Matthias und Kölbl, Oliver (2012) 5-FU-induced cardiac toxicity - an underestimated problem in radiooncology? Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 173)


Treutwein, Marius (2015) Linac Twins in Radiotherapy. Evolution of Ionizing Radiation Research (OA-ID: 478)

Treutwein, Marius und Hipp, Matthias und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2012) Searching standard parameters for volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) of prostate cancer. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 120)

Treutwein, Marius und Hipp, Matthias und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2017) Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Treatment Planning for Prostate Cancer with Flattened Beam and Flattening Filter Free Linear Accelerators. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (OA-ID: 851)

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