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Diemer, Julia Elisabeth und Mühlberger , Andreas und Peperkorn, Henrik M. und Alpers, Georg W. (2016) Representation of patients’ hand modulates fear reactions of patients with spider phobia in virtual reality. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 616)


Gabue, Susanne und Tsivrikos, Dimitrios und Dollinger, Daniel und Lermer, Eva (2018) How a smiley protects health: A pilot intervention to improve hand hygiene in hospitals by activating injunctive norms through emoticons. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 1014)


Hutmacher, Fabian (2019) Why Is There So Much More Research on Vision Than on Any Other Sensory Modality? Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1318)


Kugler, Lisa und Kuhbandner, Christof (2015) That’s Not Funny! – But It Should Be: Effects of Humorous Emotion Regulation on Emotional Experience and Memory. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 533)

Kuhbandner , Christof und Spitzer, Bernhard und Lichtenfeld, Stephanie und Perkun, Reinhard (2015) Differential binding of colors to objects in memory: red and yellow stick better than blue and green. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 473)


Mühlberger, Andreas und Shiban, Youssef und Diemer, Julia und Müller, Jana und Brütting-Schick, Johanna und Pauli, Paul (2017) Diaphragmatic Breathing during Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Aviophobia: Functional Coping Strategy or Avoidance Behavior? BMC Psychiatry (OA-ID: 799)

Mühlberger, Andreas und Youssef, Shiban und Reichenberger, Jonas und Neumann , Inga D. (2015) Social conditioning and extinction paradigm: A translational study in virtual reality. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 486)


Probst, Thomas und Pryss, Rüdiger und Langguth, Berthold und Schlee, Winfried (2016) Emotion dynamics and tinnitus: Daily life data from the “TrackYourTinnitus” application. Scientific Reports (OA-ID: 676)

Probst, Thomas und Pryss, Rüdiger und Langguth, Berthold und Schlee, Winfried (2016) Emotional states as mediators between tinnitus loudness and tinnitus distress in daily life: Results from the "TrackYourTinnitus" application. Scientific Reports (OA-ID: 597)


Reichardt, Regina (2018) Taking a Detour: Affective Stimuli Facilitate Ultimately (Not Immediately) Compatible Approach–Avoidance Tendencies. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 791)

Reichenberger, Jonas und Porsch, Sonja und Wittmann, Jasmin und Zimmermann, Verena und Shiban, Youssef (2017) Social Fear Conditioning Paradigm in Virtual Reality: Social vs. Electrical Aversive Conditioning. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 900)


Shiban, Ehab und Lehmberg, Jens und Hoffmann, Ute und Thiel, Jeff und Probst, Thomas und Friedl, Margret und Mühlberger, Andreas und Meyer, Bernhard und Shiban, Youssef (2019) Peritraumatic distress fully mediates the relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms preoperative and three months postoperative in patients undergoing spine surgery. European Journal of Psychotraumatology (OA-ID: 1140)

Shiban, Youssef und Wittmann, Jasmin und Weißinger, Mara und Mühlberger , Andreas (2015) Gradual extinction reduces reinstatement. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience (OA-ID: 543)

Stiller, Klaus Dieter und Bachmaier, Regine (2018) Cognitive Loads in a Distance Training for Trainee Teachers. Frontiers in Education (OA-ID: 1032)


Wechsler, Theresa Friederike und Mühlberger, Andreas und Kümpers, Franziska (2019) Inferiority or Even Superiority of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy in Phobias?—A Systematic Review and Quantitative Meta-Analysis on Randomized Controlled Trials Specifically Comparing the Efficacy of Virtual Reality Exposure to Gold Standard in vivo Exposure in Agoraphobia, Specific Phobia, and Social Phobia. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1289)

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