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Al-Subari, Karema und Al-baddai, Saad und Tomé, Ana Maria und Volberg, Gregor und Ludwig, Bernd und Lang, W. Elmar (2016) Combined EMD-sLORETA Analysis of EEG Data collected during a Contour Integration Task. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 716)


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Goldhacker, Martin und Tomé, Ana M. und Greenlee, Mark W. und Lang, Elmar W. (2018) Frequency-Resolved Dynamic Functional Connectivity Reveals Scale-Stable Features of Connectivity-States. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (OA-ID: 1063)

Greenlee, Mark W. und Malania, Maka und Konrad, Julia und Jägle, Herbert und Werner, John S. (2017) Compromised Integrity of Central Visual Pathways in Patients With Macular Degeneration. Investigative Ophthalmology & visual science (OA-ID: 868)

Greenlee, Mark W. und Rosengarth, Katharina und Keck, Ingo und Brandl-Rühle, Sabine und Frolo, Jozef und Hufendiek, Karsten und Plank, Tina (2013) Functional and structural brain modifications induced by oculomotor training in patients with age-related macular degeneration. Frontiers in Perception Science (OA-ID: 231)

Greenlee, Mark W. und et , al. (2013) Neural correlates of saccadic inhibition in healthy elderly and patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment. Frontiers in Perception Science (OA-ID: 241)


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Nagy, Krisztina und Greenlee, Mark W. und Kovács, Gyula (2012) The lateral occipital cortex in the face perception network: an effective connectivity study. Frontiers in Perception Science (OA-ID: 93)

Nagy, Krisztina und Greenlee, Mark W. und Kovács, Gyula (2011) Sensory Competition in the Face Processing Areas of the Human Brain. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 46)


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Pavan, Andrea und Greenlee, Mark W. (2015) Effects of crowding and attention on high-levels of motion processing and motion adaptation. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 463)

Pavan, Andrea und Hobaek, Martine und Blurton, Steven P. und Contillo, Adriano und Ghin, Filippo und #greenlee, Mark W. (2019) Visual short-term memory for coherent motion in video game players: evidence from a memory-masking paradigm. Scientific Reports (OA-ID: 1213)

Pavan, Andrea und Marotti, Rosilari Bellacosa und Mather, George (2013) Motion-form interactions beyond the motion integration level: evidence for interactions between orientation and optic flow signals. Journal of Vision (OA-ID: 232)

Pavan, Andrea und Skujevskis, Maris (2013) The role of stationary and dynamic test patterns in rapid froms of motion after-effect. Journal of Vision (OA-ID: 184)

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Schecklmann, Martin und Volberg, Gregor und Frank, Gariele und Haderdorfer, Julia und Steffens, Thomas und Weisz, Nathan und Landgrebe, Michael und Hajak, Göran und Greenlee, Mark und Classen, Joseph und Langguth, Berthold (2011) Paired associative stimulation of the auditory system: a proof-of-principle study. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 55)


Tahedl, Marlene und Levine, Seth M. und Greenlee, Mark W. und Weissert, Robert und Schwarzbach, Jens V. (2018) Functional Connectivity in Multiple Sclerosis: Recent Findings and Future Directions. Frontiers in Neurology (OA-ID: 1101)


Vakli, Pál und Németh, Kornél und Zimmer, Márta und Schweinberger, Stefan R. und Kovács, Gyula (2012) Face distortion aftereffects evoked by featureless first-order stimulus configurations. Frontiers in Perception Science (OA-ID: 165)

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Wein, Simon und Tome, Ana M. und Goldhacker, Markus und Greenlee, Mark W. und Lang, Elmar W. (2020) A Constrained ICA-EMD Model for Group Level fMRI Analysis. Frontiers in Neuroscience (OA-ID: 1452)

Weiss, Franziska und Greenlee, Mark W. und Volberg, Gregor (2018) Gray bananas and a red letter A – From synesthetic sensation to memory colors. i-Perception (OA-ID: 997)


Zunhammer, Matthias und Eberle, Hanna und Eichhammer, Peter und Busch, Volker (2013) Somatic symptoms evoked by exam stress in university students: The role of alexithymia neuroticism anxiety and depression. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 294)

Zunhammer, Matthias und Geis, Sandra und Busch, Volker und Eichhammer, Peter und Greenlee, Mark W. (2016) Pain modulation by intranasal oxytocin and emotional picture viewing — a randomized double-blind fMRI study. Scientific Reports (OA-ID: 689)

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