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Dahmen-Zimmer, Katharina und Jansen, Petra (2017) Karate and Dance Training to Improve Balance and Stabilize Mood in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: A Feasibility Study. Frontiers in Medicine (OA-ID: 924)


Gaßner , Heiko und Janzen, Annette und Schwirtz, Ansgar und Jansen, Petra (2014) Random Whole Body Vibration over 5 Weeks Leads to Effects Similar to Placebo: A Controlled Study in Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease (OA-ID: 470)


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Jansen, Petra und Kellner, Jan (2015) The role of rotational hand movements and general motor ability in children’s mental rotation performance. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 520)

Jansen, Petra und Lehrmann, Jennifer und Fellner, Birgit und Huppertz, Gunnar und Loose, Oliver und Achenbach, Leonard und Krutsch, Werner (2019) The relation of injuries and psychological symptoms in amateur soccer players. BMJ Open Sport & Excercise Medicine (OA-ID: 1217)

Jansen, Petra und Paes, Flavia und Hoja, Sabine und Machado, Sergio (2019) Mental Rotation Test Performance in Brazilian and German Adolescents: The Role of Sex, Processing Speed, and Physical Activity in Two Different Cultures. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1233)

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Lehmann, Jennifer und Jansen, Petra (2019) The relationship between theory of mind and mental rotation ability in preschool aged children. Cogent Psychology (OA-ID: 1157)


Machado, Sergio und Jansen, Petra und Victor , Almeida und Veldema, Jitka (2019) Is tDCS an Adjunct Ergogenic Resource for Improving Muscular Strength and Endurance Performance? A Systematic Review. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1231)


Pietsch, Stefanie und Jansen, Petra (2018) Laterality-Specific Training Improves Mental Rotation Performance in Young Soccer Players. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 964)

Pietsch, Stefanie und Jansen, Petra und Lehmann, Jennifer (2019) The choice of sports effects mental rotation performance in adolescents. Frontiers in Neuroscience (OA-ID: 1203)


Render, Anna und Jansen, Petra (2019) Dopamine and sense of agency: Determinants in personality and substance use. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 1210)

Richter, Stefanie und Tietjens, Maike und Ziereis, Susanne und Querfurth, Sydney und Jansen, Petra (2016) Yoga training in junior primary school-aged children has an impact on physical self-perceptions and problem-related behavior. Frontiers in Psychology, Movement Science and Sport Psychology (OA-ID: 602)


Zayed, Kashef und Jansen, Petra (2018) Gender Differences and the Relationship of Motor, Cognitive and Academic Achievement in Omani Primary School-Aged Children. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1150)

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