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Biomed Central

Jansen, Petra und Dullien, Silvia und Grifka, Joachim (2018) Cluster-randomized, controlled evaluation of a teacher led multi factorial school based back education program for 10 to 12-yearold children. BMC Pediatrics (OA-ID: 1012)

Cogent OA

Lehmann, Jennifer und Jansen, Petra (2019) The relationship between theory of mind and mental rotation ability in preschool aged children. Cogent Psychology (OA-ID: 1157)

Copy Clearance Center

Jansen, Petra (2019) The relation of injuries and psychological symptoms in amateur soccer players. BMJ Open Sport & Excercise Medicine (OA-ID: 1217)

Frontiers Media SA

Dahmen-Zimmer, Katharina und Jansen, Petra (2017) Karate and Dance Training to Improve Balance and Stabilize Mood in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: A Feasibility Study. Frontiers in Medicine (OA-ID: 924)

Jansen, Petra und Dahmen-Zimmer, Katharina (2012) Effects of cognitive, motor, and Karate Training on cognitive functioning and emotional well-being of elderly people. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 69)

Jansen, Petra und Kellner, Jan (2015) The role of rotational hand movements and general motor ability in children’s mental rotation performance. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 520)

Jansen, Petra und Paes, Flavia und Hoja, Sabine und Machado, Sergio (2019) Mental Rotation Test Performance in Brazilian and German Adolescents: The Role of Sex, Processing Speed, and Physical Activity in Two Different Cultures. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1233)

Kaltner, Sandra und Jansen, Petra (2014) Emotion and affect in mental imagery: Do fear and anxiety manipulate mental rotation performance? Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 374)

Machado, Sergio und Jansen, Petra und Victor , Almeida und Veldema, Jitka (2019) Is tDCS an Adjunct Ergogenic Resource for Improving Muscular Strength and Endurance Performance? A Systematic Review. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1231)

Pietsch, Stefanie und Jansen, Petra (2018) Laterality-Specific Training Improves Mental Rotation Performance in Young Soccer Players. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 964)

Pietsch, Stefanie und Jansen, Petra und Lehmann, Jennifer (2019) The choice of sports effects mental rotation performance in adolescents. Frontiers in Neuroscience (OA-ID: 1203)

Richter, Stefanie und Tietjens, Maike und Ziereis, Susanne und Querfurth, Sydney und Jansen, Petra (2016) Yoga training in junior primary school-aged children has an impact on physical self-perceptions and problem-related behavior. Frontiers in Psychology, Movement Science and Sport Psychology (OA-ID: 602)

Zayed, Kashef und Jansen, Petra (2018) Gender Differences and the Relationship of Motor, Cognitive and Academic Achievement in Omani Primary School-Aged Children. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1150)

Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Gaßner , Heiko und Janzen, Annette und Schwirtz, Ansgar und Jansen, Petra (2014) Random Whole Body Vibration over 5 Weeks Leads to Effects Similar to Placebo: A Controlled Study in Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease (OA-ID: 470)

Public Library of Science

Jansen, Petra (2012) Mental rotation performance in male soccer players. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 146)

Jansen, Petra und Scheer, Clara und Zayed, Kashef (2019) Motor ability and working memory in Omani and German primary school-aged children. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 1166)

Render, Anna und Jansen, Petra (2019) Dopamine and sense of agency: Determinants in personality and substance use. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 1210)

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