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Brunner, Elisabeth und Kroiss, Johannes und Trindl, Andreas und Heinze, Jürgen (2011) Queen pheromones in Temnothorax ants: control or honest signal? BMC Evolutionary Biology (OA-ID: 18)


Cardoso, Danon Clemens und Cristiano, Maykon Passos und Tavares, Mara Garcia und Schubart, Christoph D. und Heinze , Jürgen (2015) Phylogeography of the sand dune ant Mycetophylax simplex along the Brazilian Atlantic Forest coast: remarkably low mtDNA diversity and shallow population structure. BMC Evolutionary Biology (OA-ID: 536)

Cardoso, Danon Clemens und Heinze, Jürgen und Moura, Mariana Neves und Cristiano, Maykon Passos (2018) Chromosomal variation among populations of a fungus-farming ant: implications for karyotype evolution and potential restriction to gene flow. BMC Evolutionary Biology (OA-ID: 1090)

Cristiano, Maykon Passos und Cardoso, Danon Clemes und Fernandes-Salomão, Tânia Maria und Heinze, Jürgen (2016) Integrating Paleodistribution Models and Phylogeography in the Grass-Cutting Ant Acromyrmex striatus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Southern Lowlands of South America. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 608)

Czaczkes, Tomer J. und Heinze, Jürgen und Ruther, Joachim (2015) Nest Etiquette—Where Ants Go When Nature Calls. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 475)

Czaczkes, Tomer J. und Weichselgartner, Tobias und Bernadou, Abel und Heinze, Jürgen (2016) The Effect of Trail Pheromone and Path Confinement on Learning of Complex Routes in the Ant Lasius niger. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 617)


Deli, Temin und Kalkan, Evrim und Karhan Ünsal, Selahattin und Uzunova, Sonya und Keikhosravi, Alireza und Bilgin, Rasit und Schubart, Christoph D. (2018) Parapatric genetic divergence among deep evolutionary lineages in the Mediterranean green crab, Carcinus aestuarii (Brachyura, Portunoidea, Carcinidae), accounts for a sharp phylogeographic break in the Eastern Mediterranean. BMC Evolutionary Biology (OA-ID: 1082)


Giehr, Julia und Heinze, Juergen und Schrempf, Alexandra (2015) The ant Cardiocondyla elegans as host of the enigmatic endoparasitic fungus Myrmicinosporidium durum. Psyche (OA-ID: 506)

Giehr, Julia und Heinze, Jürgen (2018) Queens stay, workers leave: caste-specific responses to fatal infections in an ant. BMC Evolutionary Biology (OA-ID: 1181)

Giehr, Julia und Heinze, Jürgen und Schrempf, Alexandra (2017) Group demography affects ant colony performance and individual speed of queen and worker aging. BMC Evolutionary Biology (OA-ID: 788)


Heinze, Jürgen (2012) Terminal investment: Individual Reproduction of Ant Queens Increases with AGe. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 83)

Heinze, Jürgen und Burnett, William E. (2014) Sperm Bundles in the Seminal Vesicles of Sexually Mature Lasius Ant Males. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 349)

Heinze, Jürgen und Buschinger, Alfred und Pöttinger, Theo und Suefuji, Masaki (2015) Multiple Convergent Origins of Workerlessness and Inbreeding in the Socially Parasitic Ant Genus Myrmoxenus. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 531)


Metzler, Sina und Heinze, Juergen und Schrempf, Alexandra (2016) Mating and longevity in ant males. Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 668)


Oettler, Jan und Dijkstra, Michiel B. und Heinze, Jürgen (2013) Egg-layiyng "intermorphs" in the ant Crematogaster smithi neither affect sexual production nor male parentage. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 255)

Oettler, Jan und Klein, Antonia und Schultner, Eva und Lowak, Helena und Schrader, Lukas und Heinze, Jürgen und Holman, Luke (2016) Evolution of Social Insect Polyphenism Facilitated by the Sex Differentiation Cascade. PLoS Genetics (OA-ID: 637)

Oettler, Jan und Nachtigal, Anna-Lena und Schrader, Lukas (2015) Expression of the Foraging Gene Is Associated with Age Polyethism, Not Task Preference, in the Ant Cardiocondyla obscurior. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 590)

Oettler, Jan und Schmid, Volker S. und Zankl, Niko und Rey, Oliver und Dress, Andreas und Heinze, Jürgen (2013) Fermat's principle of least time predicts refraction of ant trails at substrate borders. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 250)

Oettler, Jan und Schrader, Lukas und Kim, Jay W. und Ence, Daniel und Zimin, Aleksey und Klein, Antonia und Whyschetzki, Katharina und Weichselgartner, Tobias und Kemena , Carsten und Stöckl, Johannes und Schultner, Eva und Wurm, Yannick und Smith, Chrisopher D. und Yandell, Mark und Heinze , Jürgen und Gadau, Jürgen (2014) Transposable element islands facilitate adaptation to novel environments in an invasive species. Nature Communications (OA-ID: 434)


Seifert, Bernhard und Frohschammer, Sabine (2013) Cardiocondyla pirata sp. n. – a new Philippine ant with enigmatic pigmentation pattern (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). ZooKeys (OA-ID: 191)


Trettin, Juergen und Haubner, Monika und Buschinger, Alfred und Heinze, Jürgen (2011) Queen dominance and worker policing control reproduction in a threatened ant. BMC Ecology (OA-ID: 39)

Trettin, Jürgen und Agrawal, Shobhit und Heinze, Jürgen (2016) Phylogeography of social polymorphism in a boreo-montane ant. BMC Evolutionary Biology (OA-ID: 663)

Trettin, Jürgen und Seyferth, Thomas und Heinze, Jürgen (2014) Behavioral Plasticity in Ant Queens: Environmental Manipulation Induces. PLoS ONE (OA-ID: 350)

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