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Metzler, Sina und Heinze, Juergen und Schrempf, Alexandra (2016) Mating and longevity in ant males. Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 668)

Oberprieler, Christoph und Zimmer, Claudia und Bog, Manuela (2017) Are there morphological and life-history traits under climate-dependent differential selection in S Tunesian Diplotaxis harra (Forssk.) Boiss. (Brassicaceae) populations? Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 922)

Reisch, Christoph und Kaulfuß, Franziska (2017) Reintroduction of the endangered and endemic plant specises Cochlea bayanica - implications from concervation genetics. Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 903)

Reisch, Christoph und Leipold, Martin und Tausch, Simone und Poschold, Peter (2017) Species distribution modeling and molecular markers suggest longitudinal range shifts and cryptic northern refugia of the typical calcareous grassland species Hippocrepis comosa (horseshoe vetch). Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 740)

Reisch, Christoph und Putz, Christina M. und Schmid, Christoph (2015) Living in isolation - population structure, reproduction and genetic variation of the endangered plant species Dianthus gratianopolitanus (Cheddar pink). Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 524)

Reisch, Christoph und Schmid, Christoph (2018) Species and genetic disversity are not congruent in fragmented dry grasslands. Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 1119)

Reisch, Christoph und Windmaißer, Tobias und Kattari, Stefan und Heubl, Günther (2016) Glacial refugia and postglacial expansion of the alpine-prealpine plant species Polygala chamaebuxus. Ecology and Evolution (OA-ID: 696)

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