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Binder, Karin und Krauss, Stefan und Bruckmaier, Georg (2015) Effects of visualizing statistical information – An empirical study on tree diagrams and 2 x 2 tables. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 424)

Bogon, Johanna und Finke, Kathrin und Stenneken, Prisca (2014) TVA-based assessment of visual attentional functions in developmental dyslexia. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 430)

Diemer, Julia Elisabeth und Mühlberger , Andreas und Peperkorn, Henrik M. und Alpers, Georg W. (2016) Representation of patients’ hand modulates fear reactions of patients with spider phobia in virtual reality. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 616)

Fritz , Julia und Fischer , Rico und Dreisbach, Gesine (2015) The influence of negative stimulus features on conflict adaption: evidence from fluency of processing. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 500)

Gruber, Nicole (2017) Is the Achievement Motive Gender-Biased? The Validity of TAT/PSE in Women and Men. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 751)

Jansen, Petra und Dahmen-Zimmer, Katharina (2012) Effects of cognitive, motor, and Karate Training on cognitive functioning and emotional well-being of elderly people. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 69)

Jansen, Petra und Kellner, Jan (2015) The role of rotational hand movements and general motor ability in children’s mental rotation performance. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 520)

Kaltner, Sandra und Jansen, Petra (2014) Emotion and affect in mental imagery: Do fear and anxiety manipulate mental rotation performance? Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 374)

Kugler, Lisa und Kuhbandner, Christof (2015) That’s Not Funny! – But It Should Be: Effects of Humorous Emotion Regulation on Emotional Experience and Memory. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 533)

Kuhbandner, Christof und Emmerdinger, Kathrin und Aslan, Alp und Murayama, Kou (2016) Providing Extrinsic Reward for Test Performance Undermines Long-Term Memory Acquisition. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 570)

Kuhbandner, Christopf und Rosas-Corona, Elizabeth A. und Spachtholz, Philipp (2017) High-Fidelity Visual Long-Term Memory Within an Unattended Blink of an Eye. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 885)

Kuhbandner , Christof und Spitzer, Bernhard und Lichtenfeld, Stephanie und Perkun, Reinhard (2015) Differential binding of colors to objects in memory: red and yellow stick better than blue and green. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 473)

Landgraf, Steffen und Treskow, von, Isabella (2017) The Seduction Script: Psychological and Cultural Norms of Interpersonal Approaches As Markers for Sexual Aggression and Abuse. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 728)

Leubner, Daniel und Hinterberger, Thilo (2017) Reviewing the Effectiveness of Music Interventions in Treating Depression. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 855)

Mühlberger, Andreas und Youssef, Shiban und Reichenberger, Jonas und Neumann , Inga D. (2015) Social conditioning and extinction paradigm: A translational study in virtual reality. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 486)

Pastötter, Bernhard und Bäuml, Karl-Heinz T. (2014) Retrieval Practice Enhances New Learning: the Forward Effect of Testing. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 331)

Pastötter, Bernhard und Eberle, Hanna und Aue, Ingo und Bäuml, Karl-Heinz T. (2017) Retrieval practice fails to insulate episodic memories against interference after stroke. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 847)

Reichenberger, Jonas und Porsch, Sonja und Wittmann, Jasmin und Zimmermann, Verena und Shiban, Youssef (2017) Social Fear Conditioning Paradigm in Virtual Reality: Social vs. Electrical Aversive Conditioning. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 900)

Schuwerk, Tobias und Langguth, Berthold und Sommer, Monika (2014) Modulating functional and dysfunctional mentalizing by transcranial magnetic stimulation. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 429)

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