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Bauer, Anna und Hagenburger, Julia und Plank, Tina und Busch, Volker und Greenlee, Mark W. (2018) Mechanical pain thresholds and the rubber hand illusion. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1008)

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Weber, Patrik und Binder, Karin und Krauss, Stefan (2018) Why Can Only 24% Solve Bayesian Reasoning Problems in Natural Frequencies: Frequency Phobia in Spite of Probability Blindness. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1100)

Zayed, Kashef und Jansen, Petra (2018) Gender Differences and the Relationship of Motor, Cognitive and Academic Achievement in Omani Primary School-Aged Children. Frontiers in Psychology (OA-ID: 1150)

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