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Apfelbacher, Christian J und Jones, Christina und Hankins, Matthew und Smith, Helen (2012) Validity of two common asthma-specific quality of life questionnaires: Juniper mini asthma quality of life questionnaire and Sydney asthma quality of life questionnaire. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 139)

Baumann, Florian und Popp, Daniel und Müller, Karolina und Müller, Michael und Schmitz, Paul und Nerlich, Michael und Fickert, Stefan (2016) Validation of a German Version of the International Hip Outcome Tool 12 (G-iHOT12) According to the COSMIN Checklist. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 623)

Baumann, Florian und Weber, Johannes und Mahr, Daniel und Bäumlein, Martin und Kerschbaum, Maximilian und Müller, Karolina und Rillmann, Paavo und Nerlich, Michael und Loibl, Markus (2017) Joint Awareness in Early Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Validation of the Forgotten Joint Score in Long Term Conditionafter Tibial Plateau Fracture. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 940)

Crönlein, Tatjana und Langguth, Berthold und Popp, Roland und Lukesch, Helmut und Pieh, Christoh und Hajak, Göran und Geisler, Peter (2013) Regensburg Insomnia Scale (RIS): a new short rating scale for the assessment of psychological symptoms and sleep in insomnia; study design: development and validation of a new short self-rating scale in a sample of 218 patients suffering from insomnia and 94 healthy controls. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 201)

Kerschbaum, Maximilian und Haumann, Nadine und Worlicek, Michael und Pfeifer, Christian und Nerlich, Michael und Schmitz, Paul (2017) Patient-related outcome of unstable pelvic ring fractures stabilized with a minimal invasive screw-rod system. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 936)

Matterne, Uwe und Apfelbach, Christian J. (2013) Is the impact of atopic disease on children and adolescents' health related quality of life modified by mental health? Results from a population-based cross-sectional study. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 245)

Zeman, Florian und Koller, Michael und Schrecklmann, Martin und Langguth, Berthold und Landgrebe, Michael (2012) Tinnitus assessment by means of standardized self-report questionnaires: Psychometric properties of the Tinnitus Questionnaire (TQ), the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI), and their short versions in an international and multi-lingual sample. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 151)

Zeman, Florian und Koller , Michael und Langguth, Berthold und Landgrebe, Michael (2014) Which tinnitus-related aspects are relevant for quality of life and depression: results from a large international multicentre sample. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (OA-ID: 336)

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