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Alvarez-Moret, Judith und Pohl, Fabian und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2010) Evaluation of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) with Oncentra MasterPlan® for the treatment of head and neck cancer. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 4)

Dobler, Barbara und Khemissi, Amine und Obermeier, Tina und Hautmann, Matthias G. und Katsilieri, Zaira und Kölbl, Oliver (2016) Re-irradiating spinal column metastases using IMRT and VMAT with and without flattening filter - A treatment planning study. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 627)

Dobler, Barbara und Weidner, Karin und Koelbl, Oliver (2010) Application of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in a dual-vendor environment. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 14)

Gröger, Christian und Hautmann, Matthias und Loeschl, Rainer und Repp, Natalia und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2013) Re-irradiation of spinal column metastases by IMRT: impact of setup errors on the dose distribution. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 284)

Haertl, Petra und et, al. (2013) Frameless fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy of intracranial lesions: impact of cone beam CT based setup correction on dose distribution. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 239)

Haubner, Frank und Leyh, Michaela und Ohmann, Elisabeth und Pohl, Fabian und Prantl, Lukas und Gassner, Holger (2013) Effects of external radiation in a co-culture model of endothelial cells and adipose-derived stem cells. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 223)

Haubner, Frank und Ohmann, Elisabeth und Pohl, Fabian und Strutz, Jürgen und Gassner, Holger (2012) Wound healing after radiation therapy: Review of the literature. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 141)

Hautmann, Matthias und Hipp, Matthias und Koelbl, Oliver (2011) Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea in radiooncology: an underestimated problem for the feasibility of the radiooncological treatment? Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 48)

Steger, Felix und Hautmann, Matthias und Kölbl, Oliver (2012) 5-FU-induced cardiac toxicity - an underestimated problem in radiooncology? Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 173)

Treutwein, Marius und Hipp, Matthias und Koelbl, Oliver und Dobler, Barbara (2012) Searching standard parameters for volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) of prostate cancer. Radiation Oncology (OA-ID: 120)

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