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Gruber, Nicole und Kreuzpointner, Ludwig (2015) The influence of implicit achievement motive and graphological variables on learning variables. Psychology (OA-ID: 521)

Markheim, Marina (2017) The role of group size and correlated project outcomes in group lending. Theoretical Economics Letters (OA-ID: 863)

Penzkofer, Alfons (2015) Absorption Spectroscopic Determination of Solubility of Alloxazine in Aqueous Solutions. Journal of Analytical Sciences, Methods and Instrumentation (OA-ID: 505)

Penzkofer, Alfons (2013) Optical Rotatory Dispersion Measurement of D-glucose with Fixed Polarizer Analyzer Accessory in Conventional Spectrophotometer. Journal of Analytical Science, Methods and Instrumentation (OA-ID: 288)

Penzkofer, Alfons und Luck, Meike und Mathes, Tilo und Hegemann, Peter (2014) Ultrafast Laser Energy Density and Retinal Absorption Cross-Section Determination by Saturable Absorption Measurements. Journal of Analytical Science, Methods and Instrumentation (OA-ID: 313)

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